Unboxed: NECA Thermal Vision Fugitive Predator

Living in a large city has a few benefits. It increases your odds for scoring Target exclusives like the NECA Thermal Vision Fugitive Predator. It didn’t take me long to find one on shelves, finding it at the third Target in my area. Once out of the box this figure is truly a gem. Speaking of, the packaging was one of the few weak parts of the figure. I’m sure that is a detail that few will stress out about.

The figure is the same mold as the previous Fugitive Predator but in a translucent blue. The figure is then painted to resemble the thermal vision from the DVD cover art.

Since it is basically a repaint of the Fugitive Predator, the articulation and pose ability are all the same. The only accessories are removable blades for each wrist. When you look at the paint work up close you can understand why there are less accessories and simpler packaging. A minor downside to focus on the awesome over all look.

This attention to detail also makes its one and done run perfect for a Target exclusive. Happy hunting as they can only be found in stores and not online. Don’t be discouraged and pay scalper prices. The NECA twitter community it doing an awesome job keeping collectors posted on which stores have them or not.

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