Unboxed: Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Popeye Action Figure

Popeye has a long history and has always been popular. Ever since his first appearance in 1929, Popeye has been one of the most recognizable pop culture icons. Thanks to him, spinach consumption increased 33% in between 1931-36.

Even though I knew I liked Popeye, this was the figure I never knew I wanted. As popular as he is in print media and marketing, there aren’t too many action figures of him. That’s why it’s refreshing to see companies like Mezco take a crack at it. They not only got a hit, but a home run with this one. For your usual One:12 Collective price you get a really great figure with some pretty cool accessories.

Before we dig inside you get the usual One:12 Collective packaging.

As you can see from the back of the box it has a ton of cool accessories. You get an alternate head, three hats, two spinach cans, compass, spy glass, seven hands, duffel bag, and pea coat.

One of the down sides is the Pea Coat. It takes a little patience to get it on just right. I recommend removing the hands first.

The duffel bag also comes empty so you can stuff whatever you want in there. This instagram user has the right idea.

Our pictures aren’t as exciting, we just practiced using our janky light box.

If you’re curious, Mezco used a little magnet trick to keep the hats on. Also, I assume six pipes because you’ll lose some. I can’t tell a difference between the two versions.

Now to the actual figure pictures. Like we said, there are plenty of accessories for plenty of options.

Overall this is an A+ figure with really no downside. It’s got good articulation and plenty of cool accessories for a decent retail price. Not sure what there is to complain about.

If you looking to add this great Popeye figure to your collection you can the waitlist at Mezco Toyz here. Of course, there is also eBay.

So there it is, our half assed review. You know what they say, “Two halves make a whole”.

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