Stranger Things Promotions

After Avengers: Endgame we all now know that time travel is possible.  So now it seems like the summer of 2019 is going to be traveling back to the summer of ’85, all thanks to Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 3.  I have always loved product placement on TV shows and in movies, and it’s something that’s becoming rarer in this capitalistic society.  It seems the days of intentionally enjoying a Starbucks are screen are over.  Now companies capitalize on movies with marketing tie-ins and cross promotions (i.e. get a free ticket to x when you purchase y and Spider-Man Doritos).

It seems Stranger Things has companies thinking twice about the cost and benefits of product placement.  Most of the companies in their marketing juggernaut were around in 1985 and, for this generation, what’s old is new again. What other way could make the show more authentic then having them enjoying a New Coke and a Whopper like most kids that summer were?  It seems every day another company is announcing a Stranger Things promotion.  The latest one catching everyone’s eye is Burger King, and their upside down Whopper.

So, as the premiere creeps closer and closer, we decided to try our best to compile a list of all of the Stranger Things promotions.  Like most lists, I am sure we left something or someone out.

New Coke

This one was a no brainer on paper but, a disaster in execution.  From website crashes, cancelled duplicate orders, and missing refunds, it seems no one had a positive experience trying to acquire New Coke on launch day.  It seems we all look like fools now as it is still readily available at

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is getting in on the action with a special Demogorgon inspired sundae and other exclusive offerings throughout the month of June like the exclusive Scoops Ahoy Steve POP!  You can get all the details at


On June 27th, Nike is launching a whole “lost” line of Stranger Things inspired shoes and apparel.  I must say, some of the shoes are pretty rad and I could definitely see myself wearing a pair.  Being able to actually afford a pair might be the issue.  Looks like most of the kicks will set you back $120.


Press Release

Burger King

Burger King will be offering The Upside Whopper at select locations starting June 21.  The “Stranger Things”-inspired sandwich is only being offered in select locations (11 total) in cities including Miami, Houston, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

For those of you not living in one of those cities, you’ll have to flip your Whopper upside yourself.

Also, the participating restaurants will be selling limited edition “Stranger Things” T-shirts, crowns, ketchup packets and pins.

One question still remains.  Will I be able to wash it down with a New Coke?

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