Unboxed: NECA Friday the 13th (2009) Ultimate Jason

NECA makes a lot of awesome figures that cross quite a few different genres.  This can be problematic when faced with two figures you want and only one in the budget.  After what seemed like a dry spell, NECA’s shipping calendar is all of a sudden full.  It also doesn’t help that summer is here, and with the kids out, my Target runs have become less frequent.  Take my latest trip for “toilet paper” for example.  I was forced to choose between the Ultimate Assassin Predator and the Ultimate Jason Voorhees from the 2009 Friday the 13th reboot.  Since price was the deciding factor, I went with the Ultimate Jason.  If you aren’t aware the Ultimate Assassin is around $46 and the Ultimate Jason around $26 at Target.

Don’t let your feelings about the reboot discourage you from getting this figure.  Even though we get some of the original Friday the 13th flare, it is refreshing to have a new look Jason to add to your NECA collection.  This is another reason I am looking forward to their Friday the 13th V: Roy Burns figure.

The figure comes in your typical NECA Ultimate packaging.  The cover is simple with just the title and signature mask with the inside the cover having the usual full figure picture. 

On the back is a collage of Jason doing different killing things with his various killing tools.

Out of the box you get machete, axe, fire poker, hammer and screwdriver.  It also comes with two interchangeable heads (one has a removable mask).  As far as articulation goes, the description says it comes on “an extra-articulated Ultimate body”.  While he is a little more posable then previous figures, he literally broke in half while trying to execute some simple poses.  He seems to snap back together pretty easy but pretty sure he won’t be winning any Hula Hoop competitions.  I am also not sure if this is happening to others or just isolated to my figure.  Since he goes back together and still holds poses this is a non-issue for me really.  I have one other gripe and it totally seems nit picky.  When you remove his mask there is an obvious seam line from where his mullet attaches to his head.  I understand you can only get so much detail and remain at a certain price point.  Even with that noticeable flaw the head sculpt still looks good.  Also, it is only truly noticeable when his mask is off, and how often does that happen?

 Looking past those two issues, this is overall another great figure. The accessories are well done and not sure what else they could have thrown in there. It has been literally 10 years since I have seen the movie but the sculpt and paint look movie accurate.

The figure is on shelves now, so be on the look out on your next Target run.

And, for those of you keeping track, here is the updated NECA Ultimate Jason Voorhees list (available at Entertainment Earth):

Friday the 13th: Part II

Friday the 13th: Part III

Friday the 13th: Part IV

Friday the 13th: Part V Dream Sequence

Friday the 13: Part V Roy Burns

Friday the 13th: Part VI

Friday the 13th: Jason vs Freddy

Friday the 13th (2009)

All pictures were taken with my crummy iPhone8.

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