New Spider-Man: Far From Home LEGO Sets

So the new LEGO sets that came out for Spider-man: Far From Home are adding fuel to the fire. Is spider-man fighting the Elementals? Well, the latest wave of LEGO sets seems to answer that question. This could also be one of those cases of toy misdirection that marvel head Kevin Feige always brings up. But more then likely, it’s not.

Hydro Man Attacks” and “Molten Man Battle” seem to answer that question. The official premise has him fighting “the Elementals” but this could also just be the MCU version of the Elementals, and they all have name changes to more recognizable ones from the comics.

Another thing to keep in mind. There are rumors swirling that Norman Osborn might be the MCU new big bad guy. If that’s the case, remember that Molten Man’s alter ego, Mark Raxton, worked at Alchemax.

I’m guessing we will all know for sure in July.

All the sets are currently hitting shelves and available at

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