Unboxed: Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Clown Prince of Crime Joker Action Figure

When I saw this figure in New York a couple of years ago, I knew I wanted it in my collection once it was finally released. 

Plus, now that he is finally here, he can play the perfect advisory to my Onyx Sovereign Knight Batman.  I like how Mezco takes the risk and comes up with versions of their comic book characters that are uniquely their own.  I think this was one of the reasons I liked the look of this figure so much.

The figure comes in your usual One:12 packaging.  The front comes in purple with the word Joker in more of a jester font.   The back is the stock photo of the figure and all of his accessories.

The Joker comes with a decorative Uzi with extra magazine, skull topped cane, an alternate head, a pair of knives (that fit in sheath on belt), some extra hands, and a pretty cool explosive bear.  There is also some muzzle effects that don’t line up with physics, but whatever.  Of course, you get a bag and cool display stand.

The articulation is good but not great.  Not to worry though, he can still be easily posed and stand on his own in many different positions.  The only gripe would be an extra joint under the pecks would be nice.  With these figures I rarely need to use the stand except for when on display (which isn’t much).  The figure itself is durable enough for my 9 year old.  The clothes are well tailored and allow for easy movement without looking all over sized and “bunchy”.  The alternate hands and head are easily swapped out.  There was no need for hot water or hair dryer like some other figures.   There is no actual like ness to compare to but the head sculpt and paint in mine are great.

If you aren’t aware by now, Mezco’s One:12 figures have gained popularity and increasingly sought after.  The easiest way to assure you get one is to pre-order directly from them or some other online retailer.  Even then some of the more popular ones “pre-sell out”.  I personally get mine from Entertainment Earth.  Sure, you wait a little longer going the less direct route, but I like that they don’t require a deposit.  They are not currently at any big box stores and most LCS only carry a few, if any at all.  If you do have to resort to eBay or Amazon, it seems sellers are pretty merciful.  If you are patient enough you can snag one for retail.

Overall, I am really happy with this figure.  For the gradebook I would give it an A.  It is a solid figure with a few nitpicky downsides.  The price point and quality are the main reasons I enjoy collecting Mezco figures.  The uniqueness of this figure in particular is another.  You can never have too many Joker figures and this one is sure to stand out from the rest.

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