Unboxed: Medicom Joker Cop Version

I am a big fan of Medicom’s MAFEX line of figures for the Dark Knight trilogy. When the Cop version of the Joker dropped down to $30 at Entertainment Earth I quickly scooped one up.  Lately, Medicom has been inching the prices up on newer figures making the decision to add certain figures a little harder.  This was one of those figures. I would have never see myself getting the cop version on its own.  Why would someone want the cop version of the Joker that appears on the screen for less than a minute?  Or a regular Bruce Wayne with a recycled Harvey Dent body? Well it’s because Medicom has been adding accessories for previous figures in later ones to make them more appealing to collectors.  So, in this particular case, I was after the cop version for the alternate arms and head for my previously purchased Joker figure.

Like I said, the price on these have been inching higher lately and I believe the new ones are around $90 at most online retailers.  Personally, even with all the accessories and great articulation, they are only worth $50-$60 retail.  There are other companies out there that can bring a similar or better product for half their asking price.  I guess the reason I am willing to pay the price is because they have so many figures from the trilogy available.  It also helps that I am patient and have been getting them from various US retailers on sale.  Like I said, I am a huge fan of the figures, just not the price.

Out of the box the main figure comes with a removable hat, rifle, and a couple of sets of extra hands.  If you previously purchased their joker figure, you will now have an extra set of arms for that jacketless look.  You also get another set of hands for those arms, as well as another head sculpt.

The overall quality is what you would usually get from Medicom’s MAFEX figures.  There were no noticeable flaws or paint issues with mine.  Even with all the articulation the joints were still stiff enough to hold the few basic poses I put it in.  Like the Bruce Wayne figure I got earlier, I was wanting this one for the accessories for my other Joker figure more than anything.  The first set up I did was the slow clap from his cell and the interrogation scene. The cop version is just meh, you can only do so many poses with it. It comes with closed fists, but I don’t recall him ever throwing a punch, just running away.

So, like Bruce Wayne, this one was acquired for the accessories. I’m not a fan of the way they do that, but it is what it is. They should have just added the arms with the Joker, much like they did with Bane.

The accessories definitely make the figure and makes the Joker figure a lot more fun to play with. You can basically recreate any scene from the movie. I still need the bank robber joker so if anyone out there has one, drop me a line.

If you’re looking for the cop version of the Joker your best bet is Amazon or dreaded eBay. Entertainment Earth sold out during their Black Friday sale.

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