Lego 1989 Batmobile Hits Shelves Black Friday

I have never really been a Black Friday shopper. I know many people where Black Friday is as much of a family tradition as Thanksgiving itself. I have nothing against it, I just rather spend that time eating left overs and decorating for Christmas. This year could be different though, thanks to Lego.  You see their highly anticipated 1989 Batmobile will go on sale Black Friday.  I know there is the internet and I could just order it online from the comfort of my home, but where is the fun in that?

So, I was at the mall this past weekend and decided to swing past the Lego Store to do a little recon.  The guy working the floor was just as excited as I was when I asked him about it.  He replied, “I got a surprise for you, we just finished building it.”  He then ran to the back to grab it so I could drool on it in person.

As expected this sucker is huge and will need a good bit of shelf space to display.  A couple of features that he made sure to point out were the opening cockpit, the fact that the steering wheel actually turns the front wheels.  The thing I like the most was when he twisted the exhaust to make the guns pop up.

The massive set weighs in at 3306 pieces and will set you back $249.99.  Although that seems like a lot, for a Lego set with that many pieces, it’s pretty reasonable.  If you’re still on the fence with the price, Lego has a couple incentives to help sway your decision.  If you snag the Batmobile on Black Friday you’ll get a FREE Mini Batmobile.  Also, if you spend $120, and you will, you’ll also get a FREE exclusive Christmas tree.

There will be other Black Friday deals going on as well as extra incentives for VIP Members.  IF you aren’t a VIP Member you can sign up for free here.

You can also checkout the actual 1989 Batmobile here.

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