Unboxed: Playmobil Back to the Future Delorean

I happened to be in Walmart on the first and was lucky enough to find the new Playmobil Back to the Future Delorean. Playmobil revealed their new Back to the Future offerings this past year at NYCC. The Back to the Future franchise is one of my favorites, and I am a firm believer that one can never have too many Deloreans.


I haven’t owned any Playmobil since I was a kid so putting this together was fun and brought me back to my childhood. It also made me face one of my fears, stickers.

It was an easy build that took my about an hour. It would have been quicker but the back hole for the bumper wasn’t quite big enough. It was easily fixed with a quick trip to the work shop.

When you get everything together you will have the Delorean with lights and hover mode conversion. You get Marty, Doc, and his dog Einstein. Marty rides in on his skate board and video camera. Doc comes with remote control and case of plutonium.

The DeLorean itself is very detailed for being so durable. It’s build to be played with but still looks good. The lights are simple, but they made sure to tie in the flux capacitor. Bonus points for that.

Another area for bonus points is the hover mode. It’s been years since I have last played with Playmobil, but the wheels flip easily and stay in position when in hover mode.

At $44 I feel this is a good bang for your buck. You get a solid vehicle and two simple figures with a few accessories.  The DeLorean is currently hitting shelves and available at most online retailers that carry Playmobil.  You can get it directly from Playmobil here.  I found mine on the shelf at my local Walmart but cant seem to find it on their site online.  When I got mine there were two on the shelf.     

Playmobil seems to the the only ones who have it available in stock online at the moment.  Others, like Amazon and Entertainment Earth still have it for pre-order and arriving May 15th.  

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