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Smuggler’s Bounty Han Solo Box Available Now (Closes May 16th)

If you still aren’t aware, Funko has cancelled their subscription boxes with the hope of transitioning them to retailer exclusives.  In the meantime, if you want a box you have to order them individually (at a little higher cost).  So, that said, if you want the latest Han Solo box you’ll have to actually order it, your subscription will no longer auto renew.  With the street date for Han Solo toys behind us, I would expect a video from Funko revealing the POP! soon.  In the meantime make sure to hurry and order the box, because “quantities are limited.” You can get it here.

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives in theatres May 25, 2018.



Available Now: Disney Treasures Adventure Box

Funko latest Disney Treasures box is available now in “limited quantities”.   If you have been out of the loop, Funko has discontinued their subscription box services.  They plan is to slowly convert them to retailer exclusives.  In the meantime, the last few boxes have to be ordered individually.  They are also a little more expensive, so lets hope they make up for it by filling it with more items to cover the increase.  You can order your Adventure box here.

Also spoilers below if you are interested in finding out one of the items inside. (more…)