Disney Treasures

Unboxed: Funko’s Disney Treasures Ever After Box

Funko posted their latest unboxing video.  This time it’s for their Disney Treasures Ever After box.  Over all I am pleased with the whole box.  Also, for those keeping track this is the final box with all the previous theme stamps on it.  Check out the video above to see everything the box has to offer.


Funko Disney Treasures: Ever After POP! Reveal

Funko posted a spoiler of the POP! for their Ever After Box a few days ago.  Unfortunately, the box appears to already be sold out.  Of all of Funko’s subscription boxes, this one seems to sell out the most.


Spoilers: Disney Treasures Tiny Town Box

From D23, Funko did what I believe is their first live unboxing.  They did a second unboxing video for those not in attendance.   They teased the Tinker Bell. What I didn’t know is that her wand and wings glow in the dark. Read on to check out the rest of the items in the box.

Unboxed: Disney Treasures Festival of Friends Box

How ironic that I am at the airport waiting on my flight to Disney and Funko posted their latest Disney Treasures box unboxing video.  The Dumbo POP! has been teased already but there are plenty of other good things in this box.  Read on if you want to know.  Remember there are spoilers ahead. (more…)

Disney Treasures’ June Theme is Festival of Friends

I got my Pirates Cove Disney Treasures box from Funko today and after opening it, found out the next theme is Festuval of Friends.  Of course, I did a eBay search and sellers already have the POP! up for pre-order.  I didn’t see anything on Funko’s blog about it but I am pretty sure this is the POP!  Check it out below if you don’t care about being spoiled. (more…)