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Funko’s Disney Treasures Box Now Available at Hot Topic

Just a heads up, there are spoilers ahead.

Funko’s Disney Treasures box is now available at Hot Topic.  This isn’t much of a mystery box anymore, as they spoil the heck out of it on the product page.  That said, spoilers ahead.



Available Now: Disney Treasures Adventure Box

Funko latest Disney Treasures box is available now in “limited quantities”.   If you have been out of the loop, Funko has discontinued their subscription box services.  They plan is to slowly convert them to retailer exclusives.  In the meantime, the last few boxes have to be ordered individually.  They are also a little more expensive, so lets hope they make up for it by filling it with more items to cover the increase.  You can order your Adventure box here.

Also spoilers below if you are interested in finding out one of the items inside. (more…)

Unboxed: Funko’s Disney Treasures Ever After Box

Funko posted their latest unboxing video.  This time it’s for their Disney Treasures Ever After box.  Over all I am pleased with the whole box.  Also, for those keeping track this is the final box with all the previous theme stamps on it.  Check out the video above to see everything the box has to offer.

Spoilers: Disney Treasures Tiny Town Box

From D23, Funko did what I believe is their first live unboxing.  They did a second unboxing video for those not in attendance.   They teased the Tinker Bell. What I didn’t know is that her wand and wings glow in the dark. Read on to check out the rest of the items in the box.