Dr. Peter Venkman

New 4-inch Die Cast Figures from Jada

Jada Toys has more of their die-cast action figures up. Suicide Squad, Ghostbusters, and Ninja Turtles. I’ve talked about these before, but these things are cool. They are solid pieces that I think they could give Funko a run for their money considering they are in the same price range and size. As they continue to grow their licenses, they are going to become more collectible. Get in on these early. (more…)

Pre-Order Now: Ghostbusters Select Series 3 Action Figure Set


These just went up for pre-order and like the other Ghostbusters in the series, they look great.  Diamond Select does a pretty good job of putting out highly detailed figures for a good price.  The complete series is suppose to be 15 characters, each with a diorama piece to complete the massive rooftop scene.  With three in each series we can expect to see a couple more coming soon. (more…)