NECA x Alien Club

NECA Series 12 Available for Pre-Order for Alien x Club Memebers

After revealing their latest series of Aliens figures, NECA has put them up for pre-order for their Alien Club members.  Members will have to order this series from the NECA store to maintain their membership.  If you are a member and haven’t pre-ordered already, make sure you grab the convention exclusive Sewer Alien.

If you missed the announcement on Friday Series 12 will include a new Ripley with Bomber Jacket, Private Vasquez in BDUs and two battle damaged Xenomorphs.   (more…)


NECA is starting a little Alien club and the details are very intriguing.  This club is right up my ally being an Aliens lover.  I usually don’t really care where I get my NECA stuff from as long as I get it.  Actually ordering direct from NECA is probably the best option as far as getting it first.  The set for me with taxes and shipping totaled up to about $80.  Check out all the details and how to sign up from NECA: