Private Vasquez

NECA Series 12 Available for Pre-Order for Alien x Club Memebers

After revealing their latest series of Aliens figures, NECA has put them up for pre-order for their Alien Club members.  Members will have to order this series from the NECA store to maintain their membership.  If you are a member and haven’t pre-ordered already, make sure you grab the convention exclusive Sewer Alien.

If you missed the announcement on Friday Series 12 will include a new Ripley with Bomber Jacket, Private Vasquez in BDUs and two battle damaged Xenomorphs.   (more…)

NECA Reveals Series 12 Aliens Figures for #facehuggerfriday

I got my Alien Queen today, I am watching Aliens on TV and NECA revealed their 12th series of Aliens figures.  Talk about a triple witching #facehuggerfriday.  The latest series which they revealed via social media is one of the best ones yet, in my opinion.  I, for one, am glad we are getting Ripley in her flight jacket.  I am also loving some battled damaged Xenos with the new articulation.  The updated figures are great for those who weren’t collecting or not financially ready to get them during their original release.   (more…)

NECA Alien Day Exclusive Revealed

Celebrate Alien Day 2017 with a special edition tribute to the classic Kenner Vasquez figure from the early ’90s! Private Jenette Vasquez comes with knife, sheath and pulse rifle accessories.

The 7” scale figure features the likeness of Jenette Goldstein, and has over 25 points of articulation. The blister card packaging is an homage to the classic as well — it’s the perfect companion piece to the 2016 Alien Day Exclusive Ripley action figure! (more…)

NECA Aliens Series 9 Available in eBay Store


NECA’s highly anticipated Aliens series 9 is up in their eBay store.  These figures in this series look to be starting off strong.  I know collectors and fans like Marines, but with the struggle for likeness rights they are hard to come by.  The series includes Private Vasquez, Private Frost, and an Albino Drone Xenomorph. (more…)