“Ghostbusters” Firehouse HQ Coming to Lego



It looks like the Ecto-1 will finally have a place to call home.  Our friends at Lego officially unveiled the Ghostbusters Firehouse today.  Weighing at 4634 pieces, the two story firehouse has living quarters, a laboratory, containment unit and of course, a fire pole.  Lego is also going all out including 9 mini figures. (more…)

Dr Who Coming Soon to Lego


Lego posted some teaser images of the new Dr Who set that is coming soon on their Facebook page.  Rumor has it, soon could be as soon as Christmas.  I am not much of a Who fan but I know it has a huge following both in the states and across the pond. (more…)

Big Bang Theory Living Room Lego Set with Minifigures


I have to admit a secrect.  I am a stay at home father of four and this past Friday was this first day of summer.  Unfortunately also being diagnosed human meant I needed a break after this weekend.  So, here I am again playing catch up.  But it is always worth it, right?  Here we go. (more…)