Suicide Squad Game in the Works!


Yesterday it looks like confirmed the latest rumor that a Suicide Squad video game is in development.

Word comes from DC Comics co-publisher and movie producer Geoff Johns.

“We’re working onSuicide Squad; it’s in development right now,” Johns told Kotaku.

WB also has the Suicide Squad movie slated for next year.

“I’m really super excited about it,” Johns offered about the Suicide Squad video game. “Because of the concept, you have a game where any of the lead characters can conceivably die and it’s not a stunt. Some really cool story could come out of that.”

You can read the rest of the article here.  I am not much of a gamer these days but some of the recent games like, Arkham Knight are drawing me back.  Hopefully having the full slew Suicide Squad members will make for hours of entertaining game play that won’t quickly bore gamers.  Geoff Johns breofly mentions the Superman video game but I personally feel they are investing in the right franchise video game wise.  I am going to assume that the video game will loosely tie in with the movie since they are in development at the same time.  What are your thoughts on the Suicide Squad video game?

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