Dale’s RV & Other McFarlane Toys Walking Dead Construction Sets


McFarlane as hit another McGwire sized home run when he started doing his own style construction sets last year for the hit TV series, The Walking Dead.  If you are not familiar with his construction sets, think Legos with detailed diorama like finishing pieces for a more realistic look.  The latest one that I spotted in the wild was Dale’s RV and I must say to looks impressive.  You also don’t want to wait on these, a 1,000 canopies autographed by Todd McFarlane will be randomly inserted into Dale’s RV Construction Sets!

other_mcs-dalesrv_photo_11_dp other_mcs-dalesrv_photo_09_dp other_mcs-dalesrv_photo_08_dp

There are also other great pieces to the set.  The prison cells are especially neat because it allows you to buy multiple and connect them, then add the prison catwalk set and you just made your very own cell block.  The same goes for the prison towers and gates.  You can grab four and create your own little “yard” for your zombies to try and break into.  Series Two blind bag mini figures are also out there and three will following shorty so you will have an all new slate of figures to add.

I am still a huge fan of Legos but I think I will be adding these to my construction sets as they are more age appropriate for me.  You can see all the different construction sets below.  There is a Walmart Prison Tower, Gate, and Fence Exclusive.  It appears the difference is Rick Grimes, and Prison Jumpsuit Walker come with the exclusive.

Check out the full line up of McFarlane Walking Dead Construction Sets

The Walking Dead Dale’s RV Construction Set


The Walking Dead Prison Tower Mini-Figure Building Set


The Walking Dead Prison Cell Construction Set



The Walking Dead Prison Catwalk Construction Set


The Walking Dead Boiler Room Construction Set


The Walking Dead Hospital Doors Construction Set


The Walking Dead Govenor’s Room Mini-Figure Building Set


The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon with Chopper Mini-Figure Building Set


The Walking Dead Woodbury Assault Vehicle Construction Set



The Walking Dead Walker Barrier Construction Set


The Walking Dead Mini-Figure Building Set 5-Pack



The Walking Dead Merle and Daryl Dixon Woodbury Arena Figure Pack


The Walking Dead Building Set Mini-Figure Wave 1 Case


The Walking Dead Building Set Mini-Figure Wave 2 Case


The Walking Dead Building Set Mini-Figure Wave 3 Case







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