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Hasbro in Talks to Buy Mattel, Again

UPDATE (11/16 12:40 PST):

Mattel (MAT) doesn’t appear to want to play with Hasbro (HAS). Both stocks are lower after Mattel reportedly rejected a takeover offer from rival Hasbro. Mattel told Hasbro the offer undervalues the company and didn’t factor in the potential rejection from anti-trust regulators. Mattel will reportedly continue to negotiate. (Yahoo financial)

It looks like Hasbro has their eye on Mattel once again. Many would think that the two companies combined would dominate the market. Realistically, the result of a combined Hasbro and Mattel would be a large company, but far from dominant in the fragmented toy industry. Together, they would control one third of the US market for traditional toys and games, and just 22% globally. The rise of companies such as Lego, Funko, NECA, Just Play, and others are starting to offer a counterbalance with their growing market share. (more…)

New LEGO Batman Movie Sets Revealed


The Hollywood Reporter revealed the new LEGO Batman Movie sets that will be show at the Toy Fair next month.  The new sets will be available for retail on June 1st.

If you think Lego is done with its Lego Batman Movie set once the movie hits, and then leaves, theaters, think again.

The company will launch a new wave of Lego Batman sets based on the movie in June, with the line due to be unveiled in New York’s Toy Fair in February.

The brick batches each revolve around a villain — Scarecrow, Bane, Two-Face, Harley Quinn — and feature a vehicle as the main play build.  (more…)

DC Superhero Girls: ‘A $Billion Brand’


Warner Bros is pushing this brand hard.  What was once a Target exclusive is now being offered to all retailers, big and small.  The Youtube shorts are already his and this August you can see the first full length feature, Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year.   (more…)

Pre-Order Now: Suicide Squad DC Films Harley Quinn Premium 6-Inch Action Figure


We can only assume that we will get the rest of the Suicide Squad eventually, but why not start with the most popular.  I know we are all looking forward to Jared Leto’s interpretation of the Joker.  From the look of the trailers I think Margot Robbie nails it as Harley Quinn. (more…)