Pre-Order Now: Star Wars: The Force Awakens 6-inch Black Series Wave 5


Wave 5 of the EPVII Black Series just went up last night so get your orders in quick.  There is no case breakdown at this point but that should not be a concern.  Let’s think outside the toy box for a moment.  Big boxes ordered heavy on wave 1 to be ready for Force Friday.  That said, they still have some stinking up the shelves to this day.  They don’t think like collectors and will not start putting later waves on shelves until they go through what is in stock.  I understand that these are not due until January, well after the movie releases.  That doesn’t mean that these won’t be highly sought after.  This wave could very well have characters that we don’t know about yet and they don’t want to spoil before release.

We already know how quick wave 2 came in and out of stock.  The whole wave is going to good money with Captain Phasma being the hottest.

Check out all the waves for EPVII  and their case breakdown below.  Also don’t forget to grab the Entertainment Earth Exclusive which has a first time every Crimson Stormtrooper.

Wave 1:

Finn Jakku

Rey Jakku & BB-8

Kylo Ren (x2)

First Order Stormtrooper



Wave 2:

Captain Phasma

Constable Zuvio

Finn Jakku


Poe Dameron

First Order Stormtrooper


Wave 3:

Finn Jakku

Rey Jakku & BB-8

Kylo Ren

First Order Stormtrooper

Resistance Trooper

First Order TIE Fighter Pilot


Wave 4: (Guestimate)

General Hux

First Order TIE Fighter Pilot

First Order Snowtrooper

X-Wing Pilot Asty

Resistance Trooper

EPVII Han Solo


Wave 5:



Finn Stormtrooper?


Crimson Corsair?


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