Hot off the Truck: Marvel Infinite Series Wave 7


I know what you are thinking.  Why are we mentioning wave 7 of the very common infinte series as being “hot off the truck”?  Well, its because there is a new Deadpool figure in it.  Deadpool figures are not very common, and they are better then gold or oil as far as holding value.  The case break down is even so Hasbro isn’t short packing him this time.

I believe the last 3 3/4-inch Deadpool figure released was the comic series one from the Wolverine Origins line way back in 2009.  There is a Logan in the series too but he is currently terrorizing the Hoff and K.I.T.T.

IMG_2703 IMG_2704

We all know the bitterness between Fox and Marvel so don’t expect any action figures for the new Deadpool movie coming out February 2016.  Our friends over at Diamond Select are giving us this sweet retro action figure.


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