So Long “Slave” Leia


It is a sad day for Star Wars fans every where.  It sounds like Lucasfilm and Disney may no longer (from the sound of it) be licensing any “Slave” Leia items.  According to artist J. Scott Campbell, they aren’t even letting him draw the image for future comics.  The official statement reads, “Princess Leia’s Slave Leia costume is being retired from the Star Wars IP for merchandise and marketing.”  Maybe Disney is just trying to clean things up for the next generation of fans.  So, if rumor is true whats out there is out there as far as merchandise goes.  Might be a good time to grab these before they are gone once and for all.  Slave Leia is in Wave 2 of the 6-inch Black Series which is already discontinued.  If you have one laying around it would be a good idea to keep her on your radar.  What once was an easy $20 figure is now $45-$60.  Also, Walmart’s exclusive POP! will contain a Slave Leia so don’t miss out when they hit shelves later this month.


Also, check out the latest International trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  It shows more great scenes not in the US version.


  1. Probably not the right place to comment but…
    I don’t really collect toys. I just don’t have the room or finances to get into another hoby. I’m wondering if this may illicit some demand for “slave leia” comics. Anyway….just thought I would type a thought.


    1. I am sure anything with salve Leia will be in demand as word spreads. If you need any info on comics check out They are our partner site dedicated to comics.


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