Inside the Toy Box: Issue Fourteen


Inside the Toy Box sums up the past week’s toy news, top sellers, trends, pre-orders and any other great happenings in the world of toys and pop culture.  Be sure to scroll down and check out the sales at the bottom.

Black Friday is still a week away but many retailers aren’t waiting that long to start sales.  A lot of consumers are planning on shopping from their computers and Amazon already has daily deals going to capitalize on that trend. If you are brave enough to venture out on Black Friday it would be a good idea to head over to Gamestop.  They are teaming up with Funko to provide an exclusive Mystery Box.  It’s in store only and we covered the details here earlier.  They also have a pre-Black Friday sale that’s worth checking out as well.  Star Wars’ Battlefront is also out and seems to be getting good reviews.

Star Wars Black Series fans should be delighted to hear that Target’s Exclusive has been spotted on shelves as well at the First Order TIE Fighter.  There were plenty of Black Series 2-packs on the shelf and online for $39.99 so there is no need for you to pay more.  The TIE Fighter is big and awesome, and will only set you back $169.99.  Beware of shipping on this big boy though.

The Resistance X-Wing was spotted at Walmart this week as well.  This X-Wing is a blue and white variant, different from Poe’s X-Wing.  Poe also has on his Resistance gear in this one (helmet doesn’t come off).  It runs about $50 off the shelf and is going to quite a bit more on eBay.

FullSizeRender-63 final

A lot of new POPS! went up for pre-order.  We mentioned the glow in the dark Black Suit Spider-Man from Walgreens already but in case you missed it, it’s all here.  Shrek and Kung Fu Panda are the latest animated movies to get the POP! treatment.  Entertainment Earth also has a “flocked” exclusive and well as an Oscar the Grouch exclusive.  Little known fact, Oscar used to be yellow way back in the day.  I loved the Netflix series Daredevil and now there are some POPS! to go with it.  I like the red suit in the show but unfortunately it didn’t translate well to POP! form.  I am favoring the Vigilante Black Suit.  Previews Exclusive also has a regular and glow in the dark Swamp Thing as well.


Bruce Lee just celebrated his 75th birthday and of course there are POPS! for him too.  Check him out from Enter the Dragon and Game of Death.

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I am fan of DC’s designer series of action figures.  If you’re not familiar DC Collectibles releases figures based on artist adaptions of the figures.  Some of my recent favorites are Harley Quinn by Darwyn Cooke and Batman by Lee Bermejo.  I am a big fan of the art in Batman: Noel and this was also one of the suits rumored to influence the new Batman v Superman movie until they decided to go The Dark Knight Returns route.  With Christmas around the corner I will be dusting off my copy of Batman: Noel to read by the fireplace.  I might even drink some egg nog from my moose mug.


NECA’s Christopher Reeve Superman was buzzing on twitter this week.  I am not sure what he goes for at Toys R Us .  If you are lucky enough to find him in stock grab him, because he’s picking up steam on eBay.

The Good Dinosaur comes out next week on Thanksgiving, and it will be a hit with kids this holiday season.  The POPS! are hot off the truck and won’t last long.

If you are part of Lego’s VIP program there is an online sale this Saturday Nov. 21.  You basically get double points, free shipping, and an exclusive Gingerbread House if you spent $99 (which isn’t hard).

Hot Topic has 25% off site wide and $10 Tees.  Just use promo code: 10TEES has 20% off Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  They have plenty of pop culture goodies that you will want to stock up on.

Entertainment Earth Pre-Black Friday Sale

Entertainment Earth Daily Sales:

November 21 Daily Deal: Monster High Get Up to 40% off Collectibles

November 22 Daily Deal: VoltronGet 20% off Action Figures from Toynami

November 23 Daily Deal: BatmanGet Up to 30% off select Medicom Action Figures

November 24 Daily Deal: Bif Bang Pow!Get 20% off Collectibles

November 25 Daily Deal: Star WarsGet 25% select Jewelry

November 26 Daily Deal: Stan LeeGet 40% off Action Figures

November 27 Daily Deal: DC CollectiblesGet Up to 40% off Statues


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