Smuggler’s Bounty The Force Awakens Unboxing

I hope everyone had a good turkey day.  I have a lot to be thankful for this year, so it was a good one for me.  I was very happy with the first Smuggler’s Bounty box I received the other day.  Although I didn’t get the Captain Phasma Tee I wanted, I did get the TIE Fighter Pilot with the red stripes on his helmet.  This one is going for some pretty good scratch on eBay.  Check out the video below for the whole unboxing.  Like I said, I am pretty happy with their first box.  The Resistance is the theme for their next box due out in January.  I like that they alternate month’s with Marvel’s Collector Corp.  Speaking of, this next month’s theme is Guardians of the Galaxy and the box it ships in is the biggest yet.  You still have a few days to sign up for this one before the cut off.



  1. I got the Tie Fighter #89 without red stripes and a regular Storm Trooper t-shirt, not Snow Trooper like yours, same style, very cool though.


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