Unboxed: Terminator 2 Ultimate Sarah Connor Figure from NECA


We received a few figures from our good friends over at NECA.  The first one we unboxed was Sarah Connor from Terminator 2.  She is, hands down, one of the greatest female action heroes of our time.  The figure depicts Sarah all geared up to take on the liquid metal T-1000 and prevent Judgement Day.  As usual you get the great craftsmanship of NECA at a great price.  No one else can touch them in the sub-$25 market.  The package is a flip open  box with window display showing her and all her accessories. The figure itself actually resembles Linda Hamilton, which many toy companies have trouble doing.  I also like the various head sculpts she comes with. The only warning is the heads are kinda hard to change out, so be careful.  In addition to the trio of heads you get plenty of hardware.  This gives you plenty of variety when posing.  Speaking of posing, I also like how NECA’s figures stand on their own easily.  Most other figures you have to position in an unnatural pose to get them to stand independently. Another awesome thing that NECA does is give credit where credit is due.  They list everyone involved in the making of the figure.  Check out the credits after the images.  Speaking of images, we are just getting our feet wet photographing action figures so excuse the quality.  Get your own Sarah Connor while they last.

IMG_3501 IMG_3502 IMG_3514 IMG_3515 IMG_3513

1300x-Sarah_Conner_Pkg1-135x135 1300x-Sarah_Conner_Pkg3-135x135 1300x-Sarah_Conner_Pkg2-135x135


Director- Randy Faulk

Sculpt-  Adrienne Smith

Paint- Jon Wardell & Geoffrey Trap

Prototypes- True Cast

Photography- Stephen Mazurek

Packaging- Chris Raimo

Set Design- Stefan Folkins


Next unboxing: Friday the 13th VI Ultimate Jason

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