Jason Voorhees

Unboxed: NECA Friday the 13th (2009) Ultimate Jason

NECA makes a lot of awesome figures that cross quite a few different genres.  This can be problematic when faced with two figures you want and only one in the budget.  After what seemed like a dry spell, NECA’s shipping calendar is all of a sudden full.  It also doesn’t help that summer is here, and with the kids out, my Target runs have become less frequent.  Take my latest trip for “toilet paper” for example.  (more…)

NECA Update


NECA had another great week as far as reveals and pre-orders.  One of the topics creating the biggest buzz is the 30th anniversary of the original Predator film, and how NECA will be offering a special assortment of figures. There will be seven in total, with a mix of reissues and updated figures. We know that the Jungle Demon Predator is part of the assortment. We also knew that at least one Dutch figure. NECA has revealed the first image, showing their Jungle Patrol Dutch 7″ Scale Figure.  (more…)

NECA Brings the Man of Your Dreams to Q Scale


NECA is bringing Freddy to their Q Scale Collection, and from the images released he looks like a must have to horror fans.  Before I was old enough to drive and go out on my own, I used to rent Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th movies on the weekends.  I watched other slasher films but Freddy and Jason were always my favorites. (more…)

2016 Toy Fair: NECA Day 1 Round Up


One of these years I am going to get my act together and get to the Toy Fair.  Until then, I am at the mercy of Twitter and blogs to stay up to snuff.  NECA, as usual, did not disappoint and was the talk of the show again this year.  They have been dropping hints at what was coming but seemed to out do themselves again.  I am sure I leaving stuff out, so I apologize in advance.   (more…)

Unboxed: Terminator 2 Ultimate Sarah Connor Figure from NECA


We received a few figures from our good friends over at NECA.  The first one we unboxed was Sarah Connor from Terminator 2.  She is, hands down, one of the greatest female action heroes of our time.  The figure depicts Sarah all geared up to take on the liquid metal T-1000 and prevent Judgement Day.  As usual you get the great craftsmanship of NECA at a great price. (more…)