Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze Walmart Exclusive Action Figures

These were due to hit shelves on Sunday, April 10th.  They will only be at Walmart, so be on the look out.  The set includes all for turtles with interchangeable heads and accessories from the second installment of the 90’s TMNT movie.  Each figure will have around 34 points of articulation and cost $19.99.  Hopefully Krang and Shredder will be coming soon.  

Reviews so far have been mixed but the turtles have a huge fan base across all ages so expect these to be hard to find.  Check out the images.

91728_Classic_CollectionMikey_Main-300x300 91728_Classic_CollectionMikey_Pkg-300x300

91728_Classic_CollectionMikey_PkgBk-300x300 91728_Classic_CollectionMikey_PkgSide-300x300

91729_Classic_CollectionRaph_Main-300x300 91729_Classic_CollectionRaph_Pkg-300x300

91729_Classic_CollectionRaph_PkgBk-300x300 91729_Classic_CollectionRaph_PkgSide-300x300

91726_Classic_CollectionLeo_Main-300x300 91726_Classic_CollectionLeo_Pkg-300x300

91726_Classic_CollectionLeo_PkgBk-300x300 91726_Classic_CollectionLeo_PkgSide-300x300

91727_Classic_CollectionDonnie_Main-300x300 91727_Classic_CollectionDonnie_Pkg-300x300

91727_Classic_CollectionDonnie_PkgBk-300x300 91727_Classic_CollectionDonnie_PkgSide-300x300

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