DC Multiverse Suicide Squad 6-Inch Wave 1 Action Figure Case


These went up yesterday for pre-order. Even after reshoots for a lighter tone, Suicide Squad is gaining a lot of traction.  The latest trailer is awesome and the promos are setting this up to be a big hit this summer at the box office. You want to make sure you order early on these as allocations are always a strong possibility when it comes to Mattel. Interestingly, the Wave 1 case comes with the Killer Croc Build a Figure. You must buy the wave 1 case to build the extra figure as there are no solids of Killer Croc. I would think that Killer Croc will have some good movement only for the fact that he will not be available as a solid at this time.  We are not sure what part will come with each figure but there is only three in wave 1 so we are thinking tosro, legs and arms, and head.  Check out the breakdown and description.


Recreate the epic mayhem and crime fighting thrills of DC Comic’s Suicide Squad movie. Inspired by the film, these authentic action figures feature over 18 points of articulation, true to movie details, iconic suits, and ominous expressions. Each figure also comes with a Collect and Connect bonus piece that, when added together, creates a Killer Croc figure!

The Suicide Squad 6-Inch Wave 1 Action Figure Case includes 8 individually packaged figures include the following (subject to change):
3x Harley Quinn 
3x Deadshot 
2x Batman

If you choose not to pre-order, you can expect to start seeing them on shelves in June.  No word yet on when the Joker and the rest of the squad are coming.

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