AT-AT Driver & Other Star Wars POP! Walgreens Exclusives


Here are some more Walgreens exclusive POPS! to be on the look out for.  I have had some pretty good luck with the Walgreens exclusives lately, scoring the Rubber Chicken Deadpool.  Some of those Marvel and Spider-Man ones are proving to be a challenge.  Don’t get me started on Bath Time Deadpool from Target.  I am about to resort to eBay on that one, as he is the only one missing from my set.  I did find the Crossbones Civil War exclusive but the box was beat to hell so I passed.  I am not sure when the AT-AT driver is due out but Funko was giving him away on Twitter so I expect any day now.  Other Walgreens Exclusives in the Star Wars run are Ree Yees, Kit Fisto, and Plo Koon.


Kit Fisto plo Koon Ree Yees

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