Deadpool Duck Walgreens Exclusive POP! In Stock

This is a POP! that people were looking forward to since the day it was revealed.  It now looks like it is actually in stock at Walgreens.com.  Just a heads up, it is only available online and will not be sold in stores.  There is a limit of two and suggest you order that limit, you pay the same shipping either way.


Funko Star Wars Celebration Shared Exclusives

If you are like me, you missed your chance to snag these exclusives at Star Wars Celebration.  No need to worry, Funko just posted their shared excluves on their blog:

We have some good news for those of you who aren’t able to attend the show in person: every single one of these items is shared!!

Happy hunting!

New Photos of The Walking Dead TV Series Aaron Figure by McFarlane Toys


Good-natured and adventurous, made Aaron the ideal choice to be Alexandria’s recruiter.  Despite the harsh and un-trusting reaction he received from initial contact of Rick’s group, he saw the good that can come out of even the roughest members.  He knew Alexandria needed Rick if they planned to stay alive.  Aaron was not only correct in his judgement but became a valued and trusted individual with the survivors, which helped lead them and Alexandria into a whole new world. (more…)