Street Date: May 1


A lot of goodies are scheduled to hit shelves on May 1st.  Merchandise for the Ghostbusters re-boot, Disney/Pixar Finding Dory, and the ever popular Shopkins Season 5.  We got our hands this photo of a pallet wrapped in a ton of new merchandise.  We have been known to get into trouble for posting photos before they are officially released so, until May 1 we will keep those under wraps.

Some takeaways from the boxes are there will be a set of Finding Dory basic figures for $12.99, some blind bag figures for around $3-$4, and a lot of bath squirters.  As you can see on the top there is a Finding Dory Guess Who game.  There are plenty of Shopkins Season 5, with a 2-pack looking to fill up most of the volume.  The only Ghostbusters items spotted were a wave of Ecto-Minis 3-packs.

A lot of the stuff has been up for pre-order, but you can expect to pick it up in person on May 1st.

IMG_4722 IMG_4721

Update: It has been brought to my attention that the Disney Lego mini figures are also due out May 1st.  If this is true, my Target goofed, as I already got Donald, Aladdin, and Ariel.

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