Unboxed: Legion of Collectors DC TV Box


I was please with the inaugural Batman v Superman box from Funko and DC’s Legion of Collectors box.  I was nervous when they announced the next box’s theme was DC TV.  I hear all the shows DC are doing on TV are good, I just don’t watch them.  I watch Gotham and was hoping they would include something from that show in the box.  Here come the spoilers, if you haven’t received your box yet, stop reading.

I was disappointed with this box.  I expectations were not high, the only thing I follow from DC is Batman and his rouges gallery.  I am hoping they redeem themselves with July’s Suicide Squad box.  With this box you received what you normally get in Funko’s collaboration boxes.  To start off, you will get a Supergirl patch and Atom pin.


The comic is a Flash #123 variant.  The cover features a picture of CW’s Flash.



The shirt isn’t a POP! tee but rather a plain Funko tee.  The shirt is a Green Arrow shirt.


You will also get a Supergirl Sugar Vinyl figure.  The POP!, which is alway the most desirable piece of the box, is Jay Garrick’s Flash.  This guy is currently fetching $30-$35 on eBay.

IMG_5016 IMG_5015

From the contents and theme of this box, DC has a lot of catching up to do to be competitive with Marvel and Star Wars.  Lets hope they get back on track and bring their “A” game on their next Suicide Squad box.


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