Lego SDCC Exclusive Duckpool Minifigure

Lego SDCC exclusives are as good as gold.  If you are lucky enough to snag one, feel safe as your investment will just continue to go up.  Duckpool, or Deadpool Duck will be no different.  Lucky attendees will have a chance at this exclusive minifigure at their booth Thursday and Saturday.  Friday and Sunday they switch to DC (more…)

Benoist’s Supergirl Gets Her Own Action Figure in DC Multiverse Wave 3


Melissa Benoist is getting her very own action figure as part of Mattel’s DC Multiverse wave 3.  She will come with a piece of the Doomsday build-a-figure and will be hitting shelves by the end of the summer.  Others in the wave are Doomsday Superman, The Dark Knight Returns Robin, and The Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman.  If looks like you will have to wait until the next wave to complete your Doomsday figure. (more…)

Unboxed: Legion of Collectors DC TV Box


I was please with the inaugural Batman v Superman box from Funko and DC’s Legion of Collectors box.  I was nervous when they announced the next box’s theme was DC TV.  I hear all the shows DC are doing on TV are good, I just don’t watch them.  I watch Gotham and was hoping they would include something from that show in the box.  Here come the spoilers, if you haven’t received your box yet, stop reading. (more…)

Pre-Order Now: New DC Multiverse Figures from Suicide Squad & The Dark Knight Returns


A bunch of new DC Multiverse figures went up for pre-order.  There are new waves of 6-inch and 12-inch figures from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, as well as figures from the classic The Dark Knight Returns.   (more…)

Target, DC Comics Team Up for ‘Super Hero Girls’ Collection


Target already claimed gender neutrality in their toy department, but I guess they still feel the need to focus on the girls.

Target has teamed up with DC Comics to launch a collection of merchandise based on some of DC’s most colorfully costumed female characters, and the new line is getting a thumbs up from comic book fans and parents alike. (more…)