Pre-Order Now: Marvel Legends X-Men Wave 1 with Deadpool!!


With the ongoing “Civil War” between Fox and Marvel about movie and toy rights, X-Men figures are a rare occurrence in the Marvel Legends series.  You will most likely ever see movie versions but Marvel never misses a chance to piggy back a movie to promote their comic toys.  The previous wave with the Storm BAF sold out quickly and did pretty good on the secondary market.  This wave will be highly sought after because it contains fan favorite, Deadpool.  Although it doesn’t look like he contains a BAF piece for Juggernaught, it looks like he comes with plenty of accessories to make up for it.  You will get a great mix of characters as there are not duplicates.


You will get:

1x Wolverine
1x Deadpool
1x Marvel’s Rogue
1x Kitty Pryde
1x Iceman
1x Cable
1x Marvel’s Havok
1x Marvel’s Phoenix

Thats eight figures total, with 7 containing pieces to build Juggernaught.

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