Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Fall 2017 Exclusive: Yellow/blue Wolverine

Even though I will be at NYCC this year, I won’t take my chances and pre-order anyway.  This is my favorite comic version of Wolverine’s costume, and I’m glad to see it coming to Mezco’s One:12 Collective. 

Check out thier blog:

Without a doubt, Wolverine is one of the most iconic X-Men. His gruff personality and claws of adamantium have turned him into one of the most popular superheroes today, with an enormous fan base. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce this Fall Exclusive, Wolverine in his yellow and blue X-Men uniform.

New Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Previews Exclusives

Mezco Toyz latest round of their Marvel Previews Exclusive One:12 figures have been going up for pre-order at various online retailers.  They are averaging $80 and the new figures include Black Suit Spider-Man, X-Force Wolverine, and X-Force Deadpool.  My wallet is already taking a beating and these awesome figures are not helping to remedy that.  You can check out the details with some low quality images below.  Hopefully we can find some higher quality photos soon. (more…)

Mezco Toyz Press Event Reveals & More


The blizzard didn’t stop Mezco Toyz from revealing some of their upcoming One:12 Collective offerings.

From Marvel we are getting classic takes on Iron Man, Wolverine, and Doctor Strange.  Rounding out the Marvel superheroes is Daredevil from Netflix.

DC’s One:12 Collective offerings are a stylized, armored Batman, as well as Wonder Woman from the new Justice League film.

We are also getting Ash from the Evil Dead 2, two zombies from George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, and the classic spinach-eatin’ Popeye. (more…)

SNIKT! Logan POP! Update


There are two more Logan POPS! to be on the lookout for early next year.  I will definitely be hunting them down.  Check out the details from nerdapproved.com:

Wolverine is getting a makeover at Funko and the lineup includes a leather jacket wearing Logan, tank top Logan, and Weapon X. As you can see, he’s wearing less clothing in each version. Thankfully, they stopped at Weapon X and didn’t make “full frontal Logan.” 


You can pre-order the Logan Pop here. The Logan tank top Pop will be a Hot Topic exclusive and Weapon X will be at Target.

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