Jada Toys 2016 SDCC Exclusives

I have been raving about these little guys for awhile now.  Now, Jada Toys is heading to SDCC this month, where you can stop Booth #3746 for exclusives, the chance to take a selfie with an oversized Harley Quinn METALS statue, and more.  There will be two 2-packs to add to your collection. The first is a Bare Metals Harley Quinn and Joker, which will retail for $30. Or you can combine your purchase with their other exclusive, a Bare Metals Captain America: Civil WarIron Man and Captain America for $50 for both sets. The Captain America set also retails by itself, for $30.

1jadaSDCCsuicidesquad-816x361 1jadaSDCCcivilwar

One comment

  1. The first time I seen these Metals figures was in Hot Topic about a week ago. I didn’t get them cause I already collect pops and several other things and don’t want to get crazy collecting something else, but these are seriously freakin cool! I have to have them lol


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