2016 SDCC Exclusive

Aliens 30th Anniversary Ripley and Newt Deluxe Action Figure 2-Pack


For everyone who couldn’t make it to SDCC this year and was butt hurt you missed out on Newt, here is your second chance.  NECA was kind enough to offer a Ripley and Newt 2-pack.  I really want to thank NECA for this one.  A lot goes into negotiating licensing rights and what nots.  Randy over at NECA goes above and beyond.  Whenever there is buzz on social media about an exclusive being hot, he immediately looks for ways to get it to more collectors and fans.   (more…)

NECA TMNT 2016 SDCC Exclusive Arcade Ninja Turtles & Foot Clan Set Blowing Up on eBay


The buzz was great about this set when it was revealed a while back.  If you going to SDCC you could pre-order, insuring one you be waiting for you when you got there.  It looks like a few of the lucky ones are trying to make a quick buck, and I don’t blame them.  A set that cost you $100, is going for $350-$400 for both the turtles and foot clan.  Individual boxes are going for around $175.  Thats not a bad return for pre-ordering and swinging by the NECA booth to pick them up.    (more…)

Lego 2016 SDCC Exclusive BickHeadz

USA Today revealed some more information on LEGO’s upcoming BrickHeadz line.  The company’s brand new LEGO BrickHeadz collectible line won’t hit retail until next year, but fans at the pop-culture event can get their hands on limited-edition preview two-packs ($40 each) featuring blocky, buildable versions of the biggest superhero characters in movies and comics. (more…)