SDCC Exclusives

San Diego Comic Con Exclusives

Hasbro SDCC Marvel Legends Reveals

Hasbro has some new Marvel Legends on display at SDCC today.  Some of these we knew and some are new.  Venompool is my personal favorite.  Big thanks to for the pics.  It also looks like they are borrowing a page from Star Wars and doing some vintage card backs for a few figures like Punisher and Cap.


NECA SDCC Day 1 Round Up

One of these years I’ll actually get a chance to go to SDCC.  In the meantime, I will continue to live vicariously through attendees social media accounts and updates from the toy makers themselves.  One who I love and follow closely on a daily basis is NECA.  Yesterday we tried to keep up with their preview night Reveals and now we’ll will round up everything we found out today.  Forgive me if I have missed anything.  

Mezco Toyz SDCC Preview Night Reveals

I woke up to an email with all of Mezco Toyz awesome SDCC reveals, and the Thor: Ragnarok figure take the cake.  The Gladiator Hulk looks great and in my option, one of the best made so far. 

From their blog:

SDCC 2017 is finally here! Tomorrow the flood gates will open and members of the press and uber fans dressed as their favorite characters will pile into the expo center. But before the madness begins we get to show off our Preview Night reveals. We think you’re going to dig them.

Lego SDCC Exclusive Duckpool Minifigure

Lego SDCC exclusives are as good as gold.  If you are lucky enough to snag one, feel safe as your investment will just continue to go up.  Duckpool, or Deadpool Duck will be no different.  Lucky attendees will have a chance at this exclusive minifigure at their booth Thursday and Saturday.  Friday and Sunday they switch to DC (more…)