DC Collectibles SDCC Toy Preview

Toyark was lucky enough to get these images from twitter user @Blanka1212.  Thanks to them we have a few screen grabs of DC Collectibles SDCC reveals.  They are taken from a video marked “private” and include all to the items that will be on display.

I am glad to see the Bombshells getting the action figure treatment, even though Wonder Woman looks a little scary.  It looks like the DC Icons line is doing well for them and they are adding quite a few new characters.  For the animated series we are thinking you get all figures, and not just heads with the Expression Pack.

From Toyark.com:

DC Animated Series

  • Superman the Animated Series – Superman and Lois Lane 2-Pack
  • New Batman Adventures – Catwoman
  • New Batman Adventures -Riddler
  • Batman the Animated Series – Batman Expression Pack

DCC-SDCC-2016-Reveals-DC-Animated-1 DCC-SDCC-2016-Reveals-DC-Animated-2 DCC-SDCC-2016-Reveals-DC-Animated-3

DC Designer Series – Ant Lucia

  • Harley Quinn
  • Poison Ivy
  • Wonder Woman
  • Batwoman


DC Films

  • Suicide Squad – Boomerang
  • Suicide Squad – Katana
  • Suicide Squad – Killer Croc
  • Batman v Superman – Aquaman
  • Batman v Superman – Batman
  • Batman v Superman – Knightmare Batman

DCC-SDCC-2016-Reveals-DC-Films-1 DCC-SDCC-2016-Reveals-DC-Films-2

DC Icons

  • Shazam!
  • Sinestro
  • Nightwing
  • Deadshot
  • Blue Beetle and Booster gold 2-Pack
  • Ertigan The Demon
  • Catwoman

DCC-SDCC-2016-Reveals-DC-Icons-1 DCC-SDCC-2016-Reveals-DC-Icons-2

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