NECA Toy Fair Reveals up for Pre-Order at Entertainment Earth


A bunch of NECA’s Toy Fair reveals have been popping up online the past few days and now they are up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.  I am definitely going to have to sell a kid or take out a second mortgage to acquire all the greatness.  I kid of course, one I already have on pre-order is the Batman vs Alien 2-pack.  It’s two of my favorite franchises smushed together, I can’t wait.  While not revealed at Toy Fair, Leonardo will be joining the gang soon.  I am going to have to get on the ball on this collection before Donnie and Raph start drying up.  

The Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy puppet is just plain awesome, and at that price point a no brainer.  Speaking of puppets, Ashy Slashy form Ash vs Evil Dead as well as the 30th anniversary two-pack are great additions to their Ash vs line.  A few other horror figures are up.  I am for sure grabbing Chucky for my son (don’t judge).  I also know a certain someone who would love that Leatherface from Chainsaw 3.

The new Marvel 1/4 scale Daredevil and Dr. Strange looked awesome on display.  If they are any thing like Deadpool, I can’t wait.


Here are the rest of the Toy Fair reveals up for pre-order:

Rocky and Mickey Puppet Maquette 2-Pack Set


A Christmas Story Ralphie in Bunny Suit Solar-Powered Body Knocker

DC Comics Batman Batarang Oversized Foam Prop Replica

Marvel Thor’s Hammer Oversized Foam Prop Replica

Gremlins 2 Mohawk 7-Inch Scale Action Figure


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Groot Gift Set

Spider-Man Homecoming Head Knocker Bobble Head

Spider-Man Homecoming Scalers 2-Inch Mini-Figure

Spider-Man Homecoming Solar-Powered Body Knocker

Wonder Woman Movie Wonder Woman 2-Inch Scaler Mini-Figure

Wonder Woman Movie Wonder Woman Bobble Head

Wonder Woman Movie Wonder Woman Solar-Powered Body Knocker

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