Alien vs Predator

Pre-Order Now: Aliens USCM Arsenal Weapons Action Figure Accessory Pack

NECA has some accessories and diorama pieces for their AvP/Predator figures, and now the USCM from Aliens are getting some love.

Add to the arsenal of your Aliens Marines action figures with this 14-piece deluxe accessory pack! These weapons and accessory pieces are perfectly in scale with NECA’s line of 7-inch action figures (sold separately) and are great for scene building. (more…)

New Aliens and Predator Figures In Stock at NECA eBay & Amazon Stores

I few highly anticipated NECA goodies are available direct from NECA at their eBay and Amazon stores.  The Dog Alien Arcade Version, Ultimate Jungle Hunter, and AvP Temple Pillar are all available in limited quantities.  We also get a better look at the Arcade Xenomorph’s packaging.


NECA Toy Fair Reveals up for Pre-Order at Entertainment Earth


A bunch of NECA’s Toy Fair reveals have been popping up online the past few days and now they are up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.  I am definitely going to have to sell a kid or take out a second mortgage to acquire all the greatness.  I kid of course, one I already have on pre-order is the Batman vs Alien 2-pack.  It’s two of my favorite franchises smushed together, I can’t wait.  While not revealed at Toy Fair, Leonardo will be joining the gang soon.  I am going to have to get on the ball on this collection before Donnie and Raph start drying up.   (more…)