NECA SDCC Day 1 Round Up

One of these years I’ll actually get a chance to go to SDCC.  In the meantime, I will continue to live vicariously through attendees social media accounts and updates from the toy makers themselves.  One who I love and follow closely on a daily basis is NECA.  Yesterday we tried to keep up with their preview night Reveals and now we’ll will round up everything we found out today.  Forgive me if I have missed anything.  

Their big announcement was that they were teaming up with Guillermo del Toro collection featuring figures from Pan’s Labyrinth and Devil’s Backbone.

@cobrashowsjoes found this pic from PixelDan’s IG account.  From the looks of it Shredder and the footclan are coming to Q-scale, along with some accessories.  

It also looks like the SDCC Exclusive TMNT set is getting from friends from Deminsion X. 

A new Kratos God of War figure was also revealed.  

The other image I found was of Chrysalis with extending action from their Predator vs Alien VGA series.  

You can see more photos and a full day 1 recap on their blog here

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