NECA is killing it at SDCC as usual.  A lot of new and awesome stuff being revealed.  Some of it was expected, others totally from left field.  We will keep updating as soon as we find out something new, so keep checking back.  Also let us know what we missed.  Also some of them are starting to pop up for pre-order at certain online retailers.  Also be sure to check out  They are there with great pictures of the new reveals on display. 

The number one question on Twitter is when will NECA start making Halloween figures.  The answer to this and most other questions come down to license.  Well it looks like dreams do come true as they revealed an Ultimate Michael Myers figure.

Toyark photo gallery 

We all love NECA’s Mego style figures and they totally blew some minds.  While some were expecting new horror figures, NECA came out with a ton of new figures with new licenses like Ace Ventura and Golden Girls.  Also, what’s not to love about Karate Kid?

Toyark photo gallery 

We got our first full look of the 1/4 1990 Foot Soldier.  The weapon rack also looks cool so hoping that will become available.   I could build my own since I’ll end up with more than one.  They also revealed some new figures from Dimension X.

NECA also looks like it’s coming out with an Ultimate Coraline of sorts.  If you look close at one of the pictures in Toyark’s photo gallery, you’ll notice it.  There appears to be the usual  Coraline, but this one will have all he outfits available.  As well as interchangeable faces with different expressions.

NECA revealed a ton of new sci-fi and horror figures.  I didn’t realize Ultimate Jason from Part 2 is available now, but he is.  We got a full look at the 1/4 scale Jason.

It looks like NECA is finally giving us Terminator fans a John Connor figure.  They are also taking us back to the 90’s with a color changing T-1000.  There are also a couple of Kenner homage figures in the works.

There are a ton more reveals including new additions to Child’s Play and Gremlins.  Check out the Toyark photo gallery for everything.

Some people seemed disappointed with their Predator and Aliens offerings.  I would disagree, you can only do so much, and I know they are saving some great reveals for later.  Even though the movie was ok, I’m glad so see some Aliens: Ressurection news.  Check out Toyark’s photo gallery and judge for yourself.

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