Unboxed: NECA Ultimate Fugitive Predator

I finally found NECA’s Ultimate Fugitive Predator at Target right before heading to New York.  With stuff still left to unpack and open from the move back from Seattle, I am just now getting around to taking him out of the box.  I figured I better hurry with the newly revealed Emissary #1 shipping out next month.  If you haven’t already, you can check him out here.  I know many were expecting their next reveal to be the super predator, but this is cool none the less.

Back to the fugitive.  After finally seeing him in the first trailer I couldn’t wait to see what NECA was going to bring to the table with their figure.  One of the many licenses I’m glad to see them own is the Predator franchise.  They do great figures at a great price and this one is no different. 

The Ultimate Fugitive Predator comes in the usual window box that all ultimate NECA figures come in.  He doesn’t come with much as far as weapons, just two detachable blades for each arm.  The shoulder gun is fixed on the shoulder in this design.  It is also much better quality then previous predators with the detachable backpack ones.  My only fear, it’s only a matter of time before it gets worn out and falls off.  The lack of weaponry made room for alternate fore arms and unmasked head.

You get the same, if not better, quality you come to expect from NECA’s Predator figures.  I really like the armor design for this predator and how it translates so well into figure form.  The articulation is a bit still on mine and the arms and head took quite the effort to change the first time.

While many were excited to see Target fill the NECA brick and mortar void that Toys R Us left behind.  There is one downside, the price.  The Ultimate Fugitive Predator was $27.99 before tax.  That’s a few dollars than Toy R Us was charging.  This could also be why Target is still here and Toys R Us isn’t.

Overall, another solid offering from NECA.  Even if the movie underperformed, NECA’s action figures are off to a good start doing the opposite.

You can enjoy his year book photo shoot done on my crappy iPhone below.   Now, if I could just find my Canon Rebel from 2010 I’ll be all set.

One last thing, if you are still looking, you can find him at Target online or in store.  Of course, you can always check with your favorite online or brick and mortar retailer that carries NECA products.

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