Unboxed: NECA Bride of Chucky Ultimate Chucky & Tiffany

In case you haven’t noticed, we are sort of changing our focus to mostly unboxings and actual in hand pictures and reviews.

That said, on to our next half assed review. I missed a few weeks at my local comic shop so I was already bracing for the higher total. Keeping that in mind I tried hard to do anything beside walk in, get my pull box and leave. But of course, the devil popped up on my shoulder and told me to go to check out the NECA section. You know, for market research.

Well as I approached I was already surprised to see a peg full of their Ultimate Chucky and Tiffany. I was then shocked to see them all only marked for $33! Needless to say I grabbed one.

The box art is plain but the perfect fit for the box. The front looking something like a movie poster, while the back shows pictures of the figures in action.

The set includes tons of accessories to recreate the movie’s best scenes. Inside you’ll get, six interchangeable heads, two shovels, two pistols, two knives, one champagne bottle, one turkey baster, one axe, and, the Heart of Damballa.

The figures themselves are beautifully done as always.  They both stand 4-inches tall and have over 20 points of articulation. For being so small both figures have great detail and very sturdy.  For the record, this isn’t just a repack of the previous Chucky.  This is an all new figure with awesome details of his near death encounters from the previous installments.

Tiffany might be even better.  She comes with an extra set of removable arms so she can wear her iconic leather jacket.  If you look under her fabric skirt, and we know you will, you can see no detail left undone with her stockings, garter, and combat boots.

As great as the overall figures are, there are a few nit picky flaws.   Be careful when changing out Tiffany’s arms.  The joints on her white sleeves were painted over.  I put them in as is and then bent them down and they work just fine now.  If you have this problem, be careful.  The paint that flaked off ended up sticking to the figure and took more rubbing than I would have liked to get it off.   See, like I said, nit picky.

There you have it, our half ass review.  Overall, this is another great set of NECA figures (and my pictures are still a work in progress).

If you aren’t having any luck finding them on the pegs at Target or at your LCS, they are in stock at NECA’s eBay and Amazon stores.  You can also still pre-order at Entertainment Earth.  They always seem to be the last online retailer to get NECA preorders in stock.

Speaking of Entertainment Earth preorders, they posted the Aliens 3 Creature Accessory pack that was recently announced.

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