Spoilers: Marvel Collector Corps X-Men Box

I got this month’s Marvel Collector Corps X-Men box the other day, and I still ask myself why I still get them. I am the dream customer for this business model since I always forget to cancel.

Themes are starting to get repeated, and besides the POP!, not much in these boxes excite me anymore. I can only have so many t-shirts, keychains, and socks.

So, if you are still waiting on yours and want to be surprised, stop reading. If you want to see what’s coming or what you missed out on, continue on.

This month’s theme is X-Men and it’s kind of a let down. At least in my opinion it is. Check it out below.

The goodies in this box are an Angel POP!, Dark Phoenix Rock Candy, notebook with Wolverine POP! Pen, and some blue socks with toes.

Next month’s box has a well tied in theme with Captain Marvel. I’m sure with the movie out the same month there will be some related shwag. You can get the box from Amazon here.

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