Unboxed: NECA Ultimate Stripe Gremlin

Whenever I see a gremlin I think of George Burns, especially Stripe. I don’t know why, but I do. Well, Stripe is finally here and he’s definitely a cool little critter.

He comes packaged the same as the other Ultimate Gremlin, but with his added personal touch.

You don’t get as many accessories as the regular versions but not to worry. The ones that NECA gives are definitely quality over quantity. You get a chain saw, saw blade, and skate board, all to scale.

Of course, being the alpha gremlin he looks slightly better then the ultimate version. The Mohawk is more of a mullet which works well. With it not being attached at the neck it allows for his head to fully turn side to side.

The one flaw from the Ultimate didn’t seem to be an issue with Stripe. Even though it’s the same sculpt, I found this version stood on its own a lot better.

Overall, another great figure at a great price. I snagged mine at Target for around $27.99.

If you are having trouble finding him in the wind, he’s currently available at Entertainment Earth.

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