Unboxed: NECA Ultimate Gamer Gremlin (GameStop Exclusive)

I was super lucky and was able to grab this guy at GameStop on day one. I couldn’t tell you how many they had as my wife was cool enough to check on her way home.

The GameStop Exclusive is the same gremlin as the regular ultimate but with more video game oriented accessories. The Gamer Gremlin comes with miniature game console, glasses, cola cup, joystick, and jumbo bucket of popcorn. It also has eye cutouts to make a bucket head Gremlin.

These pictures came out way better than Ace do be sure to check them all out below. The package art work is also once again awesome. Artist Jason Edmiston has done an amazing job with these.

I told myself I would stop at three but that’s hard to do when they look so cool together. I agree with someone on Twitter when they said this was the “army builder” of 2019. Now the question is, do I get another Gamer or regular Gremlin.

You can look for him at your local GameStop or order him online here.

Unboxed: NECA Ultimate Gremlin

Unboxed: NECA Ultimate Stripe

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