Unboxed: NECA Ace Ventura

Since I am still a slave to corporate America, the post and reviews have been lacking. I have plenty of new NECA figures left to get to, but wanted to get to my favorite of the bunch, Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

I appreciate NECA’s retro clothed line, but surprisingly only have a few. In addition to Ace, I only have the whole Bill and Ted set and the controversial Jango. Oh yeah, and of course there’s Chucky from Child’s Play.

Back to Ace, I have some in box pictures but they didn’t come out well so I’ll spare your eyes. The pictures I do have are still crappy, but I know I’ll never find time to take better ones.

I was lucky enough to find him at my local Target pretty early on. At around $27 you get Ace, a parrot, pigeon looking bird, monkey, business card, two alternate heads, and of course, a team picture of the 1984 Dolphins. Trivia note: Team pictures from the “1984” season in the movie were taken at Joe Robbie Stadium, which wasn’t built yet. The Dolphins were still located at The Orange Bowl in 1984. Oops!

The animals are made to stand or hold on to different parts of Ace. This worked out pretty well for my figure.

There is plenty of articulation with this figure. The only downside with mine was it was very stiff. They eventually loosened up and moved, but the fear of snapping an arm off was still there. The paint application could have been a little better. I understand with mass production you can only get so much while keeping the cost reasonable. Still a great figure over all and I’m glad I got it.

After their Toy Fair announcements it looks like I’ll be expanding my NECA retro clothed line more. The Goonies 2-pack is a must for me.

Ace is currently available at Target. If you don’t feel like searching he is also in stock at Entertainment Earth.

PSA: If you click on one of our links and order something, there is a possibility that we might earn a very small commission.  This helps us continue to do what we do, so thank you. 

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