Unboxed: NECA Aliens Power Loader P-5000 Deluxe

If you have seen Aliens you are more then familiar with the Power Loader.  Fictionally built by real life Caterpillar in the movie, Ripley impresses the men with her ability to drive one. Spoiler warning, she later uses those skills to ultimately defeat the Queen Xenomorph in the climatic final battle.

NECA initially released the Power Loader a few years back but it has recently been coming back in stock at various NECA online retailers. I noticed them quickly come into stock at Entertainment Earth, so finally decided to grab mine. Now that I have it I’m not sure why I waited so long.

The Power Loader comes in at around 11 inches and has 30 points of articulation, 20 wires and hoses, and actual working pistons.  The whole thing is made of plastic so it’s not too heavy yet still durable. 

It not only fits NECA’s Ripley (sold separately) but other 6-7 inch figures as well.  Not sure why anyone beside Ripley should be driving, but whatever.

The cage opens and the belt unbuckles making it super easy to get the figure in.  As usual, always be careful and patient with the harness.  Even though it’s pretty durable, I could see the belts breaking pretty easy with excessive tugging and pulling.

In addition to the power loader, you’ll get a pair of gripping hands for Ripley.  Unfortunately, the skin tones didn’t quite match up right.  I know there are a few different Ripleys out there made by different factories so assuming that’s the reason.

Overall, the Power Loader is an awesome compliment to NECA’s already great line up of Alien movie franchise figures.  Mine did end up slightly broken or missing a piece.  I figured there was nothing they could do but reached out to NECA customer service anyway.  As expected, it wasn’t a missing accessory but an actual part so they didn’t just have extras laying around to send me.  After a quick response they recommended that I return it to the retailer.  It is not that big of a deal so I am ok living with it “as is”.    I have a sick bay full of figures needing repair so this will keep the doctors there employed.  Besides, I am sure you never even noticed the missing boot strap in the pictures.

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Other figures used were Ripley (30th Anniversary Ripley/Newt 2-pk), Ripley (Bomber Jacket – Series 12), Carter Burke (Hadley’s Hope Set)

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