Unboxed: NECA Halloween 2 Ultimate Michael Myers

It’s been a busy few weeks so it has been awhile since we have done an unboxing of any sort. It’s not like we have been doing them often to begin with.

Our latest find was NECA’s Halloween 2 Ultimate Michael Myers (on Halloween too). Halloween 2 is solid sequel to the 1978 original which had Michael again going after Laurie, except this time in a hospital.

The box is your usual ultimate box with opening flap. The cover is reminiscent of the movie poster with pictures of the figure on the back.

The figure seems very similar to their previous Michael Myers from the 2018 movie but with different head sculpts. Out the box you’ll the regular mask, blonde hair mask as well as one with blood tears after Laurie shoots his eyes out. In addition to the multiple heads you also get a scalpel, hammer, syringe and opening pumpkin with a skull in it.

The articulation is pretty good while still making things looks somewhat realistic. If you haven’t noticed the elbows have seen some improvements with the double pinned joints.

Over all this figure is okay. I can see it being a must have for Halloween fans while an easy pass for those who don’t care for the franchise. There are lots of NECA horror figures out there that I don’t plan on getting. It’s not that they aren’t good. There is just there so much goodness currently available and having four kids to feed, one has to draw the line somewhere. It doesn’t help the decision making process that NECA keeps adding new horror licenses to their growing portfolio.

You can get Michael at Target or any other NECA retailers. Some NECA stuff has been coming available online at Target so be sure to be always checking that.

Be sure to always check back as we sometimes update with new pictures.

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